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Our Amazing Team

We are proud to be a minority-owned and operated company that believes in workforce diversity. Furthermore, SIG is lead by one of the greatest business minds in Salt Lake City, Mai Nguyen, which has been recognized for numerous business awards. We are one of the most diverse investment groups in Utah representing a wide range of ethnicities. We believe that our differences provides us a competitive advantage as we are able to provide a different business perspective that others may not see.


Aly never shies away from a challenge or competition, including VEX Robotic competitions in school. She’s resourceful, detail-oriented, and flexible, all necessary traits to make her a great software engineer. She loves a cappella music and doting on her baby niece.


The best part about Chong is he doesn’t stop until he makes a friend out of you. His subtle humor and easy-going personality allows him to spark up a conversation with just about anyone. He easily gets others excited and his project management skills in our construction division help push the organization forward. Some would say he helps build bridges literally and figuratively.


Clint’s creative mind is good for a lot of things: product development and graphic design – but most notably, a good comeback. Come at Clint with a joke and he’ll easily twist it back at you. Engage at your own risk.


Cris is a true team player: His tenacity and hard work ethic are derived from seeing the successes of his peers; they push him to be better – and he usually responds effectively. He loves to donate his time and sees the intrinsic value of community and helping others.


Dustin is pragmatic and thoughtful in the workplace. He capitalizes on his ability to get things done and understands how to help the team in any way he can. Give him a steak dinner, and he is all yours.


Henry has talent for efficiency and practicality. His goal is to form a solid logistics team for the company. He loves to work and is motivated by growing the company.


Hoang is the altruistic backbone of this company. Community engagement is her speciality: she serves on five different boards and helps bring resources to underserved populations. She invests in her employees and assists with opportunities they may not normally have. She handles governmental and public affairs for the organization. As a mother of two young boys, not much can shake her at this point.


Lien’s main objective is to help SAPA give back as much as possible. She understands in order to do that, she has to build a team that is efficient and effective in their respective roles. She harvests the best qualities in others to create a team that’s capable of serving the community in an impactful way. She wants the best for her team and values loyalty greatly.


Mai is the co-founder, CEO, and visionary leader of the organization. She empowers each member to take action by stating clear goals and outlining a strategic plan. Her generosity and compassion are shown through every little thing she does. She connects with every employee on a personal level to help elevate and inspire them to become a greater version of him or herself. She looks for any opportunity to help those in need. 


Watching Mo design buildings is like watching an artist paint. He critically thinks about every detail he puts into his architectural plans. He is very receptive to others’ opinions on his work but also confident enough to trust his own intuition. If he’s not working he’s usually playing soccer, spending time with friends, or looking for a new burger joint in town.


As a thought-leader for the organization, Narith has a unique ability to empower those around him. His insights when it comes to brand strategy are essential to the long-term growth of the organization. With his warm communication style and jocular nature, Narith puts everyone at ease.


If there is office banter, Nashelly usually gets the last word, and there’s a reason for that. Her clever retorts and vast industry knowledge allow her to make conversation with anyone. She’s assertive and expects others to follow through on their word. She has nine years of sales experience and she loves EDM music.


Paul has spent most of his career building businesses from the ground up. Regardless of how far he rises up the ladder, Paul never stops thinking about those around him and how he can make a difference in their lives. His idealism and logic make him invaluable and he’s always listening..literally. (He might have hidden microphones.)


When Ricky walks through the door the volume immediately goes up. He is outgoing and uses an empathetic, energetic approach in everything he does. He loves hip-hop, outdoor activities, and meeting new people. Ricky speaks very fast which attests to the excitement he brings to everything he does.


Son is a co-founder and oversees the financial and investment arms of the organization. He has more than 25 years of business development and hospitality experience in the Salt Lake Valley. He thinks critically about every decision and cares deeply about the welfare of the local community.


Vincent is part of the original staff and has worn many hats at this organization. He always welcomes new peers and enjoys seeing the company evolve. He oversees processing due to his keen eye for details and efficiency. He is dedicated to see the company expand operations into other states.

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