Sapa Investment Group

Our Story

Sapa Investment Group began like many other immigrants that have made the journey to America. Through hard work, commitment, and hopeful optimism, they have built an organization that rivals traditional business models. Our focus on community is the strength and lifeline of our company culture. Through many successes and failures, it’s now our turn to support others to achieve dreams of their own.

 Son and Mai are husband and wife, founders of Sapa Investment Group, originally refugees from Vietnam, and Salt Lake Valley residents for over 25 years. Mai and Son are committed to seeing Utah thrive and have dedicated their resources and time to create a vibrant city

Our Vision

Investing in the quality of life, prosperity, and welfare of our community to leave our world in a better place than we found it.

Our Mission

We commit to projects that strengthen the community through sharing culture, diversity, education, and opportunity.

Our Mission

The Nguyen family is humbled to receive this certificate for the purposes of commemorating their substantial presence in Utah! A representative may request only one ‘House of Representatives citation’  per calendar year making this limited recognition even more substantial.  The Nguyen family accepts this prestigious recognition for their accomplishment with immense gratitude. 




Our team is growing but we still hold the same elements of a small, family-owned business. No one gets left behind and we support our employees with their professional and personal goals.”


We believe in personal responsibility and integrity with everything we do. We understand in order to be a successful team, each of us must do our part


Our team believes that there is a always a right way and wrong way to do business and we always choose to support and lift our people.


We build confidence in our team to directly face challenges and always strive to achieve greatness.

Let’s Work Together

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