A Sapa Investment Production and Live Event

Get ready for a night where we can appreciate each other’s efforts and take a moment to chill. You are invited to this exclusive party that is specifically designed to give you and your coworkers an immersive experience. We are all one Sapa family – and Coldchella is the night we all come together to eat, drink, and party into the next year!


Foundry Building
1400 South State Street


Sunday, December 19th
6pm to Midnight


You and a Plus One *

* Every employee of the Sapa organization is invited to this event – regardless of age. Keep in mind that this is an adult party and you are responsible for you and your plus one’s conduct

Party Details

  • Free admission (not a kid-friendly event)
  • Must RSVP, plus 1s only 
  • Food and drinks will be provided – no charge. 
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Huge Raffle with $20K+ in cash and prizes! (Only employees are eligible to win and you must be present by 8 PM)! 
  • 21+ beverages AND mocktails included
  • COVID protocols strictly enforced to keep our family safe

What is Coldchella? 

We could tell you but Coldchella is all about discovery. Discover the food, the space, the party, and the people! The moment you arrive, there are surprises around every corner. Go adventure and you’ll see what we mean!

How Should I Dress? 

Eccentric, energized, or just fine as hell! Express yourself through an outfit that makes you feel confident and the star of the show (because you are). Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes so be creative, unique, and just have fun around people who love you, not judge you!

Carpooling is Highly Encouraged

Parking spots will be available at the venue but due to limited space, we encourage everyone to carpool. If you plan on drinking during the party, please arrange a safe way to get home.